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Welcome to Uroboros --
Guardian of Sacred Circles

My dog, Bijii, is in the middle of the uroboros. A companion on forest walks, he brings Love to all.

Uroboros blogs and discussions explore  healing and resilient  strengths related to the collective wounds of history and further, construct Earth friendly strategies that help enable all beings to flourish on Mother Earth. Strategic targets include: politics, the economy, societal groups and institutions.


Why is my blogsite named Uroboros?

Spirit Snake, circling into an uroboros, is an ancient symbol. Long before she/he was maligned as a tempter in the Book of Genesis, Snake was experienced as a healing partner of the Mother Goddess. (The historical dynamics that led the writers of Genesis to create this transformation of Spirit Snake’s character, is told with clarity in "The Chalice and the Blade" by Riane Eisler.) Living below and above the earth, in and out of the water, Snake brought together the energies of his Earth Mother for the purpose of healing. Snake still is emblematic on the U.S. Army Medical Corps logo and many other medical institutions, as the caduceus, twin snakes winding their way up a pole. Periodically shedding his skin, Snake is a symbol of renewal and transformation. Depicted as swallowing her/his tail in the uroboros, Snake also represents the circle of life and eternal life. Snake’s circle has become an emblem of protection for those who call upon him.

Karl Ostrom

Another aspect – Snakes are powerful; her/his fangs can be poisonous and can kill. The Old Testament’s 21st chapter of Numbers states that Moses “held back” while also making accessible, the power of Snake by placing it on a pole or a cross, a symbol that is prescient of Christ on the cross. (E.g., John 3:14 “just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up.” The Old Testament Israelites who looked at the snake, seeking forgiveness of their sins, were healed. The Snake story told in the Old Testament contributed to the revolutionary vision of Nat Turner, linking him with the mission of Jesus to release slaves.
The healing, inspiring power symbolized in Uroboros welcomes you to this blog site.


About Karl Ostrom, Chief Blogger --  photo with Mary Rose

I live with my spouse, Mary Rose, on Vashon Island, near Seattle with our dog, Bijii. Outside of daily forest walks with my all-terrain walker and Bijii, I am resolutely attached to my computer as a writer. The background I bring to blogging, however, is long, active and diverse. I have been given extraordinary opportunities for vocational training and practice! My PhD is in Clinical Psychology is additionally mixed with graduate work in theology, political science and environmental sciences. During a 20 year part-time span, my training was enriched by work with Medicine People in the Anishanabe and Dakota traditions. They granted me the privileges of being a pipe carrier and an officiant of Sweat Lodges. In addition to a 40 year part-time clinical practice, exercising a depth psychology (especially Jungjan) approach, I have also engaged in change agent work in the civil rights movement, and with universities, city governments, churches and corporations. Mary Rose and I, for 20 years founded and shepherded the Network For Business Innovation and Sustainability, an organization which helped companies develop sustainable business practices.

Mary is a Spiritual Guide and a community builder, having helped to settle Syrian immigrants on the island. In her work with Vashon Family Services, Mary is a supportive educator to a number of young families, a high proportion of them being Latino immigrants.

Our children tell more about Karl and Mary. They are dedicated parents and in vocations that mirror Mary and me while also going beyond us. Margaret Rose Irribarra Swanson is a Director of Youth Ministries; Marcy Ostrom, has designed, teaches and directs an extension program in sustainable agriculture; Philip Ostrom, works with farmers in Mexico and the southwestern United states to develop organic practices and market their produce; Aaron Ostrom, founded and directs an organization focused on promoting progressive politics; and Benjamin Ostrom is a Principal whose work emphases include teaching teachers to be effective with all students in the classroom and not just the gifted, and to be attentive to their families. From time to time you may hear from Mary Rose or 1 of these adult children as a guest blogger :-).

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sustainable versus industrial Ag; food systems; available soil; soil as CO2 bank; fertilizers & putrification

Black culture and history

Blk Hx

Collective history from Africa to the present; cultural gifts; personal stories

Cultural divides

Cul Div

Distinct collective identities differing in values & politics



Market dynamics/biases/externalities; wealth gap; policies; consumerism/waste; sustainable business; international dynamics



Planetary systems and boundaries; regional ecosystems; impacts and protections

Energy fields


Invisible energies infusing collective identities, both proximally and distally, e.g., from team spirit to political coalitions and movements

Health and healing

H & H

Health practices and professions; effectiveness and cost; alternative medicine – herbalism, shamanism, energy, other; pandemics, impacts, management, prevention



Labor history; reciprocal impacts on people, government, and business



Parties; factions; issues; psychological and economic determinants; pivotal candidates and officeholders

Native Americans


Collective history from pre-invasion to the present; cultural gifts; personal stories



Determinants; impacts; history; mitigation actions

Roots of negativity


Roots of human negativity, including aggression & crime – social, psychological & spiritual



Religion, animism, mystical practices, belief systems, personal and collective impacts

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