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Transformative Sustainability Crosses Boundaries: Farms, Villages, Cities, Oceans & Industry

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

A panel held at the Bullitt Center, moderated by Karl Ostrom, NBIS with George Bandy Jr., Head of Amazon Worldwide Circular Economy, formerly Vice President for Sustainability at Interface Inc.; Richard Conlin, former City of Seattle Councilman, now sustainability consultant; and Gary Hanifan, Senior Managing Director – Supply Chain Operations & Sustainability Strategy, Accenture – North America.

Circular Economy elements illustrated –

  • · Bullitt Center, host to panel, a zero impact building:

Ø energy is sourced from solar power

Ø water is sourced from rain and served through no flush urinals & compost toilets

Ø waste is recycled

  • Interface Inc., world’s largest commercial carpet maker:

Ø endeavors to take chemicals out of carpet, preventing pollution

Ø recycles nonorganic nutrients from old carpets into new carpets

Ø evaluates supply-chain impact by evaluating contribution to United Nations, reported in annual reports

Ø expectation that vendors will deliver materials with climate neutral impact

  • · See and hear in linked video:

Ø George Bandy Jr tell the story of how a fishing village gathers old fishnets to send to interface for recycling into carpet;

Ø Richard Conley describe an integration of Seattle Food Policy with urban development, farmland preservation, farmers markets, and localization of food supply chain.

To access the tape, cI am getting feedback :-), different computers, different views; if you don't see the rectangular box it may be invisible but still be there. Click around below George's photo and the alternative door opens up :-).)lick on the following photo of George Bandy Jr.. If your computer has problems with this link, you can alternatively double-click the rectangular box below George's photo, go to the paragraph that appears and place your cursor at the close of the last line, press enter and wait a couple of minutes for the tape. (I am getting feedback :-), different computers, different views. For some folks, the box beneath George’s photo is invisible. But, if you still need the alternative pathway to the video, click around; it appears and opens the alternative door.)

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